How Much Do Software Engineers Make?

How Much Do Software Engineers Make?

Software engineering is one of the most in-demand and well-paying fields, with 22% growth projected before 2030. With the shortage of skilled tech workers expected to reach 85 million by 2030, competition for qualified tech workers will spur high salaries and better benefits. This article will discuss how much software engineers make in Florida, what they do, and how you can become one.

How Much Do Software Engineers Make in Florida?

According to Glassdoor data, the median salary for a software engineer in Florida is $103,476 per year. This includes base salary of $88,613 and an additional $14,863 yearly. Additional revenue may include bonuses, commission, tips, or profit-sharing. The median income is the midpoint of annual salary reports ranging from $63,000 to $174,000.

The bottom 25th percentile of software engineers in Florida earn an average of $79,000 annually, while those in the top 75th percentile earn $136,000 annually. This salary range covers software engineers with an average of two to four years of experience. Entry-level software engineers may make less than this reported average. Senior software engineers make more, earning a median salary of $133,356 yearly. Senior software engineers with five to seven years of experience earn an average of $132,487 per year. How much money software engineers make largely depends on experience.

Software engineer salaries largely depend on experience. In Florida, software engineers with two or more years of experience can earn $136,000 annually.

Top Companies for Software Engineers in Florida

There are currently over 8,500 job listings for software engineers on in Florida. Based on Glassdoor ratings, some of the best Florida companies to work for include: 

Lockheed Martin

Although their headquarters are in Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company with over 8000 employees in Florida. Over 70% of their Florida workforce is in engineering and technical positions. They offer generous PTO and vacation time, health insurance, and a matching 401K. In 2018, they opened the Orlando Innovation Center, providing premier tech amenities for current and prospective employees. 

Electronic Arts

EA is the world's largest video game development organization with locations worldwide. Their Florida campus is in Orlando. They offer many benefits and perks, including comprehensive health coverage for mental health, paid parental leave, paid vacation time, bonuses, stock options, and a matching 401(k). 

Walt Disney World

No mention of Florida companies would be complete without Disney World. Disney Tech is the arm of Disney that creates immersive experiences in its theme parks, streaming platforms, and films. Disney TECH employees enjoy the following culture, benefits, and perks:

  • Career development

  • On-site child care

  • Health insurance

  • Theme park admission

  • Paid time off

  • Retirement savings plan

  • Wellness programs

  • Tuition assistance

  • Community involvement

What Skills and Qualifications Are Needed for a Software Engineer?

Software engineers need hard skills in programming languages, platforms, tool kits, and architecture and soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

Programming Languages and Platforms

Although there is no industry-standard qualifying certification, software engineers should be proficient in the following: 

  • Python

  • Java

  • SQL

  • Ruby

  • Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Containers that bundle software such as Docker or Kubernetes

  • Version control tools like GitHub for collaboration

Soft Skills

Software engineers also need to have the following soft skills: 

  • Collaboration

  • Communication, with both tech and non-tech people

  • Multitasking

  • Time management

  • Project management, such as operational sprint management frameworks

Salary Comparisons for Similar Professions

Software engineering salaries compare very favorably to similar positions. Here is the average annual salary for some other tech careers with similar profiles: 

Because of their adjacent skills, professionals in these fields will likely find upskilling into software engineering an easy route to a higher-paying career. 

What Job Titles Do Software Engineers Have?

Software engineering is a rapidly evolving field. New technologies are created constantly and lead to new jobs. 

Job titles can vary widely from company to company but include software engineer, software developer, or software programmer. Some companies have formal job levels that reflect increasing levels of responsibility and authority. Additionally, job titles may differ based on whether a software engineer is on a technical or managerial track. 


Some entry-level job titles you may see are: 

  • Junior software engineer

  • Level 1 software engineer

  • Entry-level developer


For mid-level software engineers, you may see job titles like: 

  • Staff software engineer

  • Level 2 software engineer

  • Full-stack developer


Senior-level software engineers usually have over five years of experience and are often responsible for managing a team. Some jobs titles for senior-level software engineers include: 

  • Principal software engineer or developer

  • Lead software engineer

  • Senior-level software developer 

  • Lead programmer

Software engineers design, develop, and test software applications. They communicate with stakeholders to analyze their needs and build platforms that meet user requirements.

What Does a Software Engineer Do?

Software engineers design, develop, troubleshoot, and maintain software for computers, web applications, and mobile platforms to meet the needs of clients or consumers. They can perform a variety of tasks throughout the software development life cycle, including: 

  • Communicate with stakeholders to analyze their needs

  • Design, develop, and test software applications

  • Test, secure, and upgrade existing programs

  • Communicate the type of code needed to programmers

  • Document systems and applications for maintenance and upgrades 

How Do I Become a Software Engineer?

Because software engineering is such a rapidly changing field, there are many paths to mastery. A college degree in computer science is one option, but it's not necessary. Some other ways you can become a software engineer are: 

DIY program

There are numerous tutorials, blogs, YouTube channels, and games for teaching yourself to program. The upside of putting together your own program is finding something that interests you, and you can also get a lot of different perspectives as you learn. The downside is that you may miss out on something important, and there may not be enough structure or support when you run into a problem.

Open courseware programs

You can also choose a more structured online open course. Some of these offer certification for a fee and have more structure and a comprehensive learning plan. Some courses provide a student forum to discuss assignments with other students. However, you won't have individualized support or feedback from instructors. 

Software engineering bootcamps

A bootcamp is a short-term, concentrated program that teaches you fundamental software engineering skills to prepare you for a new career. Unlike self teaching, in some bootcamps, you’ll have a human support system, allowing you to pick up skills more quickly. The University of South Florida CTPE Software Engineering Bootcamp is a nine-month program that teaches you everything you need to know about front-end development, back-end development, data structures, and algorithms. 

You'll learn from industry experts and have one-on-one mentor meetings throughout your learning journey. A capstone project for your portfolio will help you prove your qualifications to employers. Personalized feedback and accountability will provide support to achieve your goals. A career coach will guide you through searching for a job, practicing interviews, and negotiating offers. 

Start Your New Career in Software Engineering

Now is a great time to break into the lucrative field of software engineering. With so many job openings in top companies, Florida is rife with opportunities for software engineers. Whether you're looking to start your first career or planning a career change, the USF Software Engineering Bootcamp can help you learn the skills you need.

Apply today to study in-demand software engineering skills. You'll develop proficiency in the most popular languages and work end-to-end through relevant development projects. When you finish, you'll be able to demonstrate your abilities to potential employees.