Top 5 Software Engineering Bootcamp in Florida in 2023

Software engineers design and develop the software that runs every digital device that you use, whether that be your phone, your computer, or a smart appliance. They are crucial to the success of virtually every industry, and jobs are predicted to grow 25% faster than the average occupation through 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In many states, including Florida, there are more job openings than qualified applicants to fill them.

Immersive software engineering bootcamps have become a go-to option for mobilizing a job-ready workforce quickly, and dozens of online coding bootcamps have come to Florida in the last six years. If you’re interested in a software engineering career and want to take advantage of opportunities in the Sunshine State, here are five of the best software engineering bootcamps in Florida.

Understanding Software Engineering Bootcamps

Software engineering bootcamps started emerging about a decade ago to help fill the increasing demand for skilled professionals. Unlike degree programs that teach non-technology subjects, bootcamp programs focus on industry-oriented skills relevant to software engineering.

Software engineers can go on to be full-stack developers or web developers, depending on their specialization, but the technical skills required are the same. Bootcamp students learn to create software for applications and programs, including skills such as:

  • Programming languages like Python, Javascript, and SQL

  • Front-end development, back-end development, and web development

  • Data structure and algorithms

  • Testing and debugging skills 

Most bootcamps take weeks to complete, as opposed to a two-year or four-year college program, and students can enroll in part-time or full-time software engineering bootcamps. Full-time bootcamps are perfect for students who can commit to 30 or 40 hours per week and want to finish sooner. Part-time bootcamps require 15 hours or less a week, holding classes on weekends and weekday evenings to accommodate students with other commitments.

Comparison of Best Software Engineering Bootcamps in Florida

These bootcamps offer programs with unique features and advantages. Here’s a breakdown of the top five software engineering bootcamps in Florida currently.

University of South Florida

The University of South Florida CTPE Software Engineering Bootcamp is an immersive, 100% online full-time program that helps you master core principles of development, in-demand tools, and best practices for landing a job after graduation. The curriculum provides hands-on exercises and projects, ending with a portfolio-building custom capstone project. Students also receive 1:1 mentorship and instruction from industry experts and access to 24/7 student support.



  • No previous programming knowledge or skill is necessary

  • Instructors are industry experts currently working in the field

  • You’ll complete three real-world scenario projects and a custom capstone project that you can add to your portfolio

  • 1:1 student advisor to help with accountability, time management, and more


  • 9 months, with a total commitment of 15 to 20 hours per week


  • $9,900 discounted tuition when paid in full upfront

  • $13,050 paid over five months at $2,610/mo

  • Climb Credit Loan options and scholarships available


BrainStation’s Software Engineering Bootcamp Online is an intensive, project-based program that teaches software engineering, AI-powered development, and front- and back-end development. In addition to the bootcamp, BrainStation offers a web development course for professional upskilling, hands-on training, and career support from day one.



  • More than 6,500 hiring partners and a 90%+ hiring rate within 180 days of graduation

  • Hands-on experience with real-world cases from companies like Google and Microsoft

  • Part-time and full-time programs are available, either online or in person in Miami, Florida 


  • Their full-time program entails 80 total hours, with classes five days a week for around 7 hours per day

  • Their part-time program can be finished in 12 weeks, with classes two nights a week and on Saturdays


  • $16,500 upfront, or $727 a month for 24 months


Codecademy is a unique and highly flexible software engineering bootcamp with a subscription-based model rather than a tuition-based one. Students learn front-end and back-end development, and how to connect the two through hands-on projects and coursework.



  • A unique subscription-based payment model allows students to pay monthly or annually

  • Graduates receive a full-stack engineer professional certification

  • Complete four portfolio projects based on real-world scenarios

  • Access to free basic courses


  • Finish in 4-8 months


  • Basic Plan - Free

  • Plus Plan - $17.49/mo or $34.99/mo when billed annually

  • Pro Plan - $29.99/mo or $59.99/mo when billed annually 

4Geeks Academy

The 4Geeks Academy Full Stack Developer Bootcamp offers online and in-person classes, part-time training, flipped classrooms, and bilingual learning options. Students get lifetime access to career services support and mentorship, and 76% of bootcamp graduates receive full or partial scholarships. Classes are small, with a 1:7 ratio, ensuring a 15-minute response time from instructors.



  • No previous programming languages or coding skills required

  • Spanish language syllabus and content, though live classes are taught in the native language of the campus

  • Access to a network of 5,000 hiring partners

  • Bootcamp graduates have lifetime access to their exclusive career support system


  • 16 weeks for main bootcamp learning with three weekly classes

  • 2 additional weeks for those requiring pre-work


  • $8999 when paid in full

  • Scholarships, monthly payment plans, and income-share agreements are available


LaunchCode is a non-profit that came to Florida in 2017. The bootcamp is 100% free, with part-time or full-time options. Students are selected based on factors like need, passion, essay question answers, and aptitude for problem-solving. While there are no prerequisites, students typically complete 10-12 hours of pre-work.



  • It is a 100% free program if you qualify

  • Their apprenticeship program matches graduates with paid jobs

  • Offer classes for folks who are typically underrepresented in the field

  • No prerequisites are required, but all students take a problem-solving assessment at enrollment.


  • 14-week full-time program 

  • 20-week part-time program


  • The bootcamp is free for those accepted into the program

The Growth of Software Engineering Bootcamps in Florida

The Florida tech boom is gaining momentum and bringing plenty of jobs, thanks to an increase in startups and some of the biggest tech conferences like Quantum Miami. The 2021 CompTIA report ranked Florida 4th in net tech employment, and projected that Florida’s tech job growth would continue. Software engineering bootcamps have become an increasingly popular way for those seeking to enter the tech industry and take advantage of high-paying job opportunities.

This surge in demand has brought numerous online coding bootcamps and engineer bootcamps to the state, offering flexible, fast, and effective training options. Nearly two dozen software engineering bootcamps are available in Florida, both in-person and 100% online. Attending a Florida bootcamp can help you build connections and network for job opportunities in the area after graduation.

Components of a Top-Notch Software Engineering Bootcamp

Deciding between the best software engineering bootcamp in Florida means weighing several factors to make sure it meets your goals and needs.

Career-Focused Curriculum

Because the timing is so short, you want to be sure you'll learn skills that will help you land an entry-level or higher job after graduation. Your coursework should teach you software engineering fundamentals, software development, and full-stack developer courses, as well as the following units:

  • Universal programming concepts in Java, Python, and SQL

  • Software developer tools like GitHub, React.js, and Heroku

  • Object-oriented programming and DevOps (development and operations)

  • Advanced algorithms and AI-powered software development

Comprehensive Career Support

Best Colleges lists the average coding bootcamp graduate employment rate at 79% after 180 days. Career coaching services are not necessarily job guarantees but will give you a solid start with future employers. If you’re interested in a bootcamp, see if they provide the following:

  • Interview preparation

  • Resume building

  • Cover letter development

  • Whiteboard preparation

Expert Instructors & Mentorship Opportunities

Many in-person and online coding bootcamps invite industry professionals to lead courses and provide mentorship. These industry-expert instructors help students thoroughly understand and master software engineering fundamentals, exposing students to real-world concepts that help them gain context in software engineering fundamentals. These industry experts also offer unique connection opportunities for networking and professional referrals.

Build a Professional Portfolio

Your software engineering bootcamp should allow you to show off your skills to future employers. Look for curriculums that include portfolio projects that demonstrate the following skills:

  • Data model creation

  • Coding and cloning projects

  • Projects with real-world implications

The Benefits of Online Software Engineering Bootcamps

Online software engineering bootcamps offer a flexible way to launch a career in tech. Those looking to base their career in Florida can enroll in the University of South Florida CTPE Software Engineering Bootcamp, which has a recognizable name and reputation and flexible and online accessible full-time learning experiences.

When it comes to choices, participating in an online full-time program can increase your potential earnings. A survey by Course Report revealed that graduates who completed a 16-week or longer bootcamp earned an average of $71,000, compared to $58,000 earned by those who completed an 8-week bootcamp.

Types of Software Engineering Roles in Florida

There are multiple paths for software engineer careers—such as web development, app development, and front-end and back-end development—and they all pay well. Indeed recently listed 19 of the most exciting software engineering jobs. They’re not all entry-level, but many are available in Florida.

  • Machine Learning Engineer 

    • Average annual salary in Florida: $145,368 

    • Lockheed Martin, Oracle, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. are all known to hire machine learning engineers in Florida

  • Video Game Designer 

    • Average annual salary in Florida: $87,351

    • Electronic Arts (EA), Esports Now LLC, and Meta are all known to hire video game designers

  • Full-Stack Developer 

    • Average annual salary in Florida:  $125,896 

    • Humana, Deloitte, and Citigroup all need full-stack developers 

  • Cloud Engineer 

    • Average annual salary in Florida: $133,443 

    • Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Cynet Systems, and Booz Allen Hamilton all hire cloud engineers

Preparing for a Software Engineering Bootcamp

Are bootcamps worth the investment? When you are prepared, yes. The more prepared you are for a software engineering bootcamp, the better your chances for success. Here are some tips for preparing for a BootCamp.

  • Assess Your Readiness: Evaluate your commitment, dedication, and passion for software engineering. It is essential to be prepared for the intensity and rigor of a bootcamp program.

  • Know Before You Go: Before applying to any bootcamps, it's essential to do your research and find one that's a good fit for you. Consider factors such as the curriculum, the cost, the location, and the career coaching and job placement services that are offered.

  • Prerequisites: Familiarize yourself with the prerequisites. Some programs require no prior experience, while others may require foundational knowledge of programming concepts.

  • Use Online Resources: You can participate in coding challenges and practice exercises, connect with communities and former students, or view tutorials to aid in virtual learning (if your software engineering bootcamp is online).

FAQs About Software Engineering Bootcamps in Florida

We’ve got the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How Do I Find a Good Software Engineering Bootcamp in Florida?

There are a few things you can do to find a good software engineering bootcamp in Florida. We recommend researching and comparing bootcamps, reading reviews from current and former students, connecting with someone who has been through a bootcamp, and visiting a bootcamp if you intend to participate in in-person classes.

How Much Do Software Engineering Bootcamps Cost in Florida?

The cost of online bootcamps varies according to length and coursework. You can expect to pay between $7,000 to $17,000 for software engineering bootcamps in Florida.

Can I Get Into Software Engineering Without a Degree?

You do not need a degree in software engineering to land a job. Most companies seek employees with a balance of hard and soft skills. Choosing a high-quality program with the right combination of coursework, skill-building projects, and even certification training can help you learn real-world skills to be job-ready.

Find a Software Engineering Bootcamp that Fits Your Career Goals

Start your journey by considering the area of software engineering you are drawn to, then set your career goals. The University of South Florida CTPE Software Engineering Bootcamp offers a comprehensive curriculum, immersive learning experience, and job placement assistance, making it one of the best software engineering bootcamps in Florida. With careful preparation and dedication, you can succeed in a career in software engineering.